A Foam Mattress is Not The Old Mattress From Years Ago

A Foam Mattress is Not The Old Mattress From Years Ago

A foam mattress that is made today is a little different than what was made years ago. They still fit any bed frame, but I remember my sister buying foam mattresses that were completely synthetic foam through and through. They just donít make those anymore. They didnít hold up very well and didnít offer much support. Now the mattresses are high tech with only the best in slow recovery foam for your bed frames.

If you truly want the old fashioned foam mattresses feel, and not the memory foam mattresses, you may have to settle for a foam pad for the top of the bedís frame. A simple waffle, egg carton style foam pad can be purchased for a low amount of money. The memory foam pads are much more expensive, but the quality and durability is much greater as well. I happen to think the memory foam is very comfortable and more breathable. I think the foam pad is hot to sleep on. They come in different thicknesses at a third of the price of memory foam. You could even go to a fabric store and purchase a big piece of foam for just your side of the bed. They also offer different thicknesses of upholstery foam.

Now, more people want a memory foam mattress made of high tech foam and technology. If this is the way you want to go for a new mattress, ask a few questions first before you buy:

  • What is the quality of the foam? The density of different layers and the manufacturers will all be different. You can get this information if you ask.
  • Ask the manufacturer how long they have been making that particular type of mattress and what are their customer responses. How is the firmness, sleep issues, and what is their return rate and return policy.
  • What kind of warranty does the mattress have and what does it cover? Will they pay for shipping if that is needed?
  • Do you need a new foundation for the mattress?
  • Do they offer a money back trial period? A foam mattress may be quite different from what you are currently used to and this policy may be a fiscally responsible question to find out. You should give yourself at least a few weeks trial period before you make a negative decision. Donít get caught in any restocking fees either.
  • You might get more questions answered from the small retailers as opposed to a big bedding retailer. Most times the sales people arenít very well versed on the properties of the mattress.

    You may want to consider buying a new bed and mattress as a two part process. Purchase the mattress of your liking such as a latex mattress and then buy a topper that feels really good to you. If the topper loses some of the support and properties over the years, you only need to replace the topper so it isnít so expensive.

Purchasing a mattress is an expensive proposition and can be a little bit of trial and error. I have a typical mattress and now I am ready for a memory foam topper. That way I donít have to spend hundreds more in buying the whole thing. A good night sleep is important so it is worth a little time and money to experiment with the right mattress and pad or topper for your sleeping comfort.

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